An "Open Source" Reflection on the Meeting

Each of the following ten questions is set up as ‘open-ended’ with a comment box below. These questions are condensed, adapted or taken verbatim from the over 20 questions suggested by participants towards the end of the meeting in Colorado Springs several weeks ago. In that respect, please consider these questions as being posed by your colleagues at the meeting, rather than being prepared by the organizers in advance.

When we've heard back from the meeting participants, we will compile the responses and send them back to you.

If you wish, please include your name, first and last, otherwise leave blank.

If you have provided your name, please let us know if you give us permission to identify your name with any of your comments, or not:

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1. How would you describe the goals and purpose of the Roundtable as you understood them? Were these in your opinion the right goals and if not what could/should they have been?

2. Do you think we reached any level of consensus on the definition of a “CIS” sector. If so, could you describe how you understand that consensus, and if not, why do you think no consensus was reached? How far do you think we got, if you don’t think there was a consensus? Can you now, in a sentence, describe what “our job” (as a group) might be in relation to that sector.?

3. What subjects were not addressed and should have been (and why)? What subjects were addressed that should not have been (and why)?

4. What five organizations or individuals should have participated or been represented but weren’t?

5. What would you have liked to have added/contributed to the discussion, but didn’t, for whatever reason?

6. Imagine one or two of the types of “audiences” identified during the discussions (i.e. county commissioners, journalists, program officers, etc.) and describe what you WANT them to learn (or grasp, or to take away) from our work, if the message to them was clear and concise?

7. After all the discussion, what do you think we should name the sector—the Community Informatics Sector, The Community Information Sector, the Community Technology Sector or something else?

8. What do you understand as being the initiatives that we launched or that might be launched as result of the roundtable? What do you think is the most important realizable goal or project that came out of this meeting, or could evolve from this meeting?

9. How is this meeting likely to affect your work (if it is or has?)

10. Would a different format have been more productive given the focus and intent of the discussion? How might the outcome have been different/improved? (For example, a larger conference, or a smaller group meeting.) As a follow-up, can you imagine having small group meetings, a major conference, other similar sized (and organized) Roundtables?