Tools for CIS are widely varied and range from the technical to the social.

Plone - Welcome to Plone is built on top of the open source application server Zope and the accompanying Content Management Framework which has thousands of developers around the world supporting it. Plone is said to be ideal as an intranet server, as a document publishing system and as a groupware tool for collaboration between separately located entities.

Wireless Broadcast: Public WiFi Network 2 Public Cable Network

Wireless Broadcast: Public WiFi Network 2 Public Cable Network Wireless Broadcast: Public WiFi Network 2 Public Cable Network. The goal of the project is to establish procedure and criteria for broadcasting to the cable or satellite TV network from remote locations, using a laptop, camera and any type of available broadband Internet connection - preferably WiFi.


STREAMING ALLIANCE.orgOpen Source Streaming Alliance. Open Source servers, exchanging streaming content and replicating content. The driving idea is global networking of servers and high-bandwidth centers in ways that avoid unnecessary multiplication of Net traffic while delivering content as locally as possible.

CTCNet Toolkit Resources

CTCNet Toolkit Resources CTCNet's Toolkit for Community Technology version 1.0

Community Collaboration Platform Project

Sohodojo/COTF - Community Collaboration Platform Project The goal of this project is to identify, then integrate into a convenient distribution, Open Source technologies which may serve as the web-based infrastructure for collaborations among members of rural and urban communities seeking a sustainable future.

OpenOffice.orgTo create, as a community, the leading international office suite that will run on all major platforms and provide access to all functionality and data through open-component based APIs and an XML-based file format.

Software programs for social network analysis

Software programs for social network analysis

Social Network Analysis

Overview on SNA software tools. Semantic Studios | Publications | Semantics | Social Network Analysis

Blogs as Disruptive Tech - Weblogs are flying under the radar of the Content Management Giants

Blogs as Disruptive Tech Like personal computers, weblogs are riding a whole new price/performance curve that threatens to move upscale into higher end solutions. In other words, weblogs are a disruptive force in the content management sector.

Disruptive Technologies

Disruptive Technologies- Presented by Integral Clayton Christensen Disruptive Technologies
Forbes magazine refers to them as "stealth attacks." But to Clayton Christensen, these "simple, convenient-to-use innovations that initially are used only by the unsophisticated customers at the low end of markets" are disruptive technologies.

Text Pattern

Text Pattern. New, in beta. Free, open source, standards based, fairly feature rich content management system. The "next generation blog" may look like these tools. The emphasis is on design quality and easy of use. Open source CMS are "disruptive technologies" that are rapidly gaining ground over first generation, corporate knowledge base management systems.

Nonprofit Open Source Initiative

A Short History of NOSI The Nonprofit Open Source Initiative (NOSI) formed in early 2001 as an informal group of non-profit sector technology assistance providers who were interested in the potential of open source software to benefit the organizations they work with.

Citizen Map Makers

Project Guide Citizen Mapmakers & Data Artists is committed to popularizing do-it-yourself SVG mapmaking and data visualization among Internet users generally and non-profits in particular. We also believe that SVG has great promise as an issue visualization tool for public interest advocates.


About Koha Koha is the world's first free Open Source Library System.

Littlefish Project

littlefishproject_homepage "To create a user friendly patient information and recall system on an open source basis with the focus on use by community based primary health care health organisations in the developing world or remote and rural areas or areas of need. The project will follow the GEHR or Good Electronic Health Record standards. The Littlefish Software will be available under the most appropriate Open Source Licence and the source code will be freely available on the internet for users to review,copy,distribute, modify in any way they see fit ."

Design principles for viral marketing of political action
"Consistent ironic voice with signature style":

* web-based distribution
* coordinated action days
* decentralized
* open ended participation
* message discipline
* viral growth
* infinitely scalable

The Community Development Toolbox offers an online environment where rural people pursuing community development goals are empowered to make better decisions as they solve problems facing their community now!

Lawrence Lessig

Lawrence Lessig Larry Lessig, 2001: "Digital technologies create and replicate experiences more efficiently than non-digital technology does"

Smart Mobs - Technologies of Cooperation

Smart Mobs - Technologies of Cooperation The product of smart mob technologies is cooperation, not horsepower or mind power. Inclined planes and nuclear reactors multiply the power of muscles. Intellectual technologies like mathematics and graphic user interfaces augment the capabilities of cognition. The power of mobile and pervasive communications derive from the ways people can use them to organize social groups in new ways.

Red Hat Enterprise Applications: Developer Site

Red Hat Enterprise Applications: Developer Site The Red Hat Web Application Framework is a platform for writing database-backed web applications in Java. Applications leverage Web Application Framework APIs to enable the authoring of persistent structured data and to retrieve and display the data as content. The framework also integrates services such as search, versioning, and permissions into its basic objects, enabling applications to leverage framework services with little or no extra work.

Mindjack - Event - OSCOM

Mindjack - Event - OSCOM
The Open Source Content Management Conference, being held up here in the same auditorium where Mom used to leave me for Saturday afternoon to watch obscure educational cartoons, is the kind of environment where it's easy to believe that communications technology is all that matters. It does matter, though. If you use a blog, are part of an online community or read a major web publication, content management software shapes the information you get, and the discourse you make. Whether the open-source part matters to you depends on your political lean and your pocketbook, but blogs wouldn't be anywhere if so much blogging software weren't free as in beer - and new forms for online communication come about when people are free to hack around

Community Development Toolbox

The University of Illinois's Community Development Toolbox The Community Development Toolbox offers an online environment where rural people pursuing community development goals are empowered to make better decisions as they solve problems facing their community now!

Community Wireless :: Your community; Online and Wirefree CommunityWireless is an umbrella organization - representing the needs of the emerging community networks

Trends in Peer-to-Peer Tools

From peer to maturity
New peer-to-peer collaboration tools offer ease of use, bandwidth savings, but the jury's still out on scalability, management and data integrity.